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    Systems with Fanuc robots , Japan Field of activity:
  1. mechanization, automation and robotization of production of welding construction.
    Company "NAVKO-TEH" offers:
  1. Welding machines, benches, installations and robot-technological systems for arc welding;
  2. Designing, production, supply and implementation of the equipment;
  3. Machine for MIG/MAG welding of tube-to-tubesheet.
  4. Provides technical support for the delivered equipment;
  5. Development of recommendations and their practical usage in the improvement and modernization of the Customer's welding production, increasing of technological efficiency of welded constructions;
  6. The improvement technique and technology of arc welding on the provided by Customers constructions;
    Machine AS333 for TIG welding of longitudinal seams. Our equipment works in:
  1. Belarus (Minsk);
  2. Russia (Aleksin, Belgorod, Belev, Dzerzhinsk, Livny, Mariy El republic, Moscow, Murom, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Ryazan, St.Petersburg, Serpukhov, Old Oskol, V.Nivgorod, Vladimir etc.);
  3. Ukraine (Bar, Chercassy, Chernigov, Doneck, Dnepropetrovsk, Harcizsk, Kiev, Kerch, Krasilov, Kremenchug, Kharkov, Lvov, Makeevka, Odessa, Volnyansk, Vasilkov, Zitomir etc.);
  4. Kazakhstan (Ekibastuz).
  5. Moldova (Kishinev).
  6. Latvia (Riga), Estonia (Tartu).

    News of "NAVKO-TEH":

  1. Refer to the NAVKO-TEH Russian site...

  2. HI-TECH - was installed 2 robotic systems RK755-K and RK754 for arc welding. . .

  3. New line - machines AS337-AS338 and AS349 for welding of small part detailes . . .

  4. Twenty machines UDS711 for MIG/MAG welding of car wheels are making . . .

  5. Five sets for MIG/MAG welding of fire-extinguishers and boilers that consist of machines AS308, AS305- and AS305-2 are working . . .

  6. Twelve welding machinesAS307 for MIG/MAG welding of circular seam of tube-to-tubesheet is successfully working . . .

  7. More than 100 banches AS333 for TIG welding of longitudinal joints of thin-walled tubes have been made . . .

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Welding machines for: circular seams UDS707, UDS710, AS305-1, AS305-2, AS305-2H, AS307, AS310, AS312, AS313, AS316, AS331, AS339, AS340, AS345, AS349, AS349-B, AS355s, AS357, AS363, AS381, AS388, AS391, AS305-1M, AS399;
welding of car wheels UDS711, AS339, AS340, AS363;
longitudinal seams AS308, AS308-2, AS311, AS318, AS321, AS325, AS327, AS333, AS336; AS364;
tube-to-tubesheet AS307

Set for welding of fire-extinguishers: AS308, AS305-1 and AS305-2

A line of machines AS337-AS338 and AS349 for welding of small part detailes.

Robot-technological systems for arc welding: Fanuc, Examples of robot systems, RK757 (Surfacing), RK755, RK755-K ("Turntable and 2 rotators"), RK756 ("Turntable and 2 rotators"), RK754 ("Grill"), RK752 ("Turntable"), UDS751, UDS749, UDS748, UDS747.

Welding machines for surfacing: of rotors AS354, AS354-2, AS354-5000, cylindrical and conical surfaces AS370, AS370-K, AS371; flat surface by spiral AS372; cylindrical, conical and flat surface by spiral AS373.

Equipment: Cooling system UO4;
Wire cold feeder UP4 for TIG welding;
Rotators MVr1 and MVr2;
Oscillator of the torch KG1.

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