Mechanized and automatic sets for arc welding of:

  • circular seams of rotatable joints
    (the horizontal axis of the seam)
  • AS305-1 AS305-2 AS305-2H AS310 AS313 AS331 AS339 AS340 AS345 AS349 AS349-B AS354-2 AS355s AS363 AS381 AS357 AS391 AS305-1M AS388 ĀŅ399
  • circular seams of nonrotatable joints
    (the vertical axis of the seam)
  • UDS707 UDS710 AS307 AS312 AS316
  • longitudinal seams
  • AS308 AS308-2 AS311 AS318 AS325 AS327 AS333 AS336 AS364
  • car wheels
  • UDS711 AS339 AS340 AS363
  • fire-extinguisher balloons (set)
  • AS305-1 AS305-2 AS308
  • circular seams of tube-to-tube sheet
  • AS307