A set for automatic MIG/MAG welding of fire-extinguishers, boilers etc.

Click the mouse to download the photo of welded fire-extinguishers, 34 Kb.
    These machines are constructed for welding of different types of fire-extinguishers and details like them from low-alloyed steels by the length up to 1000 mm, 100-600 mm in diameter with the thickness of the tube wall 1.4...3.0 mm.
    Welding of balloon, that consist of four parts - a neck, a sidewall, upper and under cover plates - are realized by turns on three benches:
  1. AS305-1 - welding of the neck with the upper plate;
  2. AS308 - welding of the longitudinal seam of the sidewall;
  3. AS305-2 - simultaneous welding of two circular seams.
  4. Longitudinal seam is welding "downhill" on the copper backing that is cooled by liquid.
  5. Diameter of filler wire are 1,0 or 1,2 mm.
  6. Protective gas - mixture on basis of Ar or CO2 gases.
    Machines productivity is up to 250 details per shift.
    The set of the machines:
  1. The welding equipment consist of power sources and wire feeders Vario-Star 357-2 produced by "Fronius-Fakel" (Ukraine, Austria), and welding torches AUT40-KD produced by "A.Binzel" (Germany).
  2. The control blocks of machines are unified and contain such components as a controller "Schneider Electric" and a drive "Lenze".
    The machines particularities:
  1. Automatic moving of the torch in the welding start position and return motion of it in the basic position by pneumatic drives.
  2. Quick machines readjustment to the welding of different types of fire-extinguishers.
  3. The machines ensure minimum deformation of the sidewall on the account of the intensive cooling of the welding area.
  4. The optimal position of the welded joints and orientation of the torch guarantee the high-quality and fine face of the seams.
  5. Unification and modularity of the machine elements let design new types of particularized equipment for welding other details.