A robot system RK757 for MIG/MAG surfacing of rail ends.


RK757 intends For multilayer welding on the end of the rail with length 1 000 ... 3 110 mm the thick layer of stainless steel up to 22 mm.

A method of surfacing: CMT arc welding process by solid wire with diameter 1.2 mm.

A rail axis is tilted relatively to the vertical axis on the angle 10/20/30 degree.

Surfacing is carried out with a positive formation of the side weld surface with concomitant water cooled forming devices.

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    RK756 consists of:
  1. an industrial robot ArcMate-100iC;
  2. a ontrol system R-30iB-mate;
  3. a tilter of detaile;
  4. a set of welding equipment, Fronius, Austria:
    • a power source,
    • a welding torch with liquid cooling,
    • a cooling system,
    • gas apparatus;
  5. welding equipment, A.Binzel, Germany:
    • a device of the torch protection from the breakage,
    • a device of the torch automatic rectification and lubrication;
  6. an assembly fixtures for welding;
  7. an operator's console;
  8. a platform and columns for the placement of the robot and rotators;
  9. a safety system.

    Технические характеристики комплекса:
    Technical dates:
  1. Number of robot axis
  2. 6
  3. Payload of the robot, kg
  4. 10
  5. Repeatability of the robot, mm
  6. ±0,08
  7. Motion speed of the torch, max, mm/s
  8. 2000
  9. Number of in/out of the system (max)
  10. 28/24 (512/512)
  11. Diameter of steel welding wire, mm
  12. 1.2
  13. Payload of a tilter, kg
  14. 1500
  15. Index number of of a tilter
  16. 2
  17. The titling of detaile, s
  18. 10
  19. Overall dimensions of the RK757, mm
    Length x Width x Height x Depth pit
  20. 5900х2500х2400х

  1. The robot system completed with removable assembly fixtures for its readjustment for welding of different types of products.
  2. The system is completed as a cell that protects staff from detrimental effects of welding arc.

    Made: in 2015 for factoty Novosibirsk Switch Plant, Russia.