A robot-technological systems UDS747 for arc welding of bulky chassis constructions

    UDS747 intends for MIG/MAG welding of bulky chassis constructions.
    UDS747 consists of:
  1. Industrial robot RM-01 (PUMA-560) with the control device "Sfera-56";
  2. Set of welding equipment KEMPPI (Finland);
  3. Two-coordinate extender of robot service area;
  4. Four one-coordinate multiposition product manipulator;
  5. Assembly fixtures for welding with pneumodrive.

Download a drawing of the welded product, 11 KB.

UDS747. The outlook of the UDS747.
Technical dates:
  • Number of robot axis
  • 6+2
  • Payload of the robot, kg
  • 2,5
  • Repeatability of the robot, mm
  • ±0,1
  • Motion speed of the torch, max, mm/s
  • 500
  • Memory of control device, KB
  • 256
  • Information keeping
  • RAM, FDS
  • Number of in/out of the system
    - discrete
    - analog

  • 64/32
  • Diameter of steel welding wire, mm
  • 1,0...1,6
  • Move of the straight (cross) carriage of the extender, mm
  • 6000 (1500)
  • Velocity of moving the carriages of the extender, mm/c
  • 0...200
  • Payload of the extender, kg
  • 150
  • Repeatability of the extender, mm
  • ±0,2
  • Payload of the product manipulator, kg
  • 800
  • Repeatability of the manipulator on the radius 400 mm, mm
  • ±0,15
  • Overall dimensions of the RTS, mm
  • 8000x2500x

      Download a photo of working places, 80 Kbyte.

    1. Welding is run in four working places, where are, by turns, welded four units of chassis. Final welding is realized by manual device on the separate working place.
    2. Welding product time more then 20 minutes.
    3. Using special software.
      Software of control device "Sfera-56" is updated with provision for specifics of arc welding and allows:
      - a management of six coordinates of robot and two additional coordinates by extender of its service area;
      - correcting a seam line by using base spots of product;
      - correcting the modes of welding, arc starting and crater welding in the manner of unified operators with the possibility of programming parameters in suitable for the welder dimensionality;
      - forming a library of welding modes.
      Launching: In 1996 on VPO "Tochmash" in Vladimir, Russia.