A robot system UDS751 for arc welding of small-sized units.

UDS751 intends for MIG/MAG welding of units such as a "boat" on closed loop (type A) or by two longitudinal seams (type B). Time of the welding cycle on each positions 10 and 7 minutes accordingly.
The outlook of the welded detail.
The outlook of the UDS751.
    UDS751consists of:
  1. Industrial robot RM-01 (PUMA-560) with the control device "Sfera-36";
  2. Set of welding equipment KEMPPI (Finland):
    • power source PS5000,
    • wire feeder FU-20,
    • cooling system WU-10,
    • gas apparatus;
  3. Welding equipment by A.Binzel (Germany):
    • welding torch with liquid cooling,
    • device of the torch protection from the breakage,
  4. Device of the torch automatic rectification and lubrication;
  5. Two rotator of welded products with ones canting possibility in four fixed positions (more acceptable for welding of each seam);
  6. Two control board of RTS;
  7. Control board for "hot" editing modes of welding;
  8. Platform and column for the placement of the robot and two welding rotators;
  9. Assembly fixtures for welding.
    Technical dates:
  1. Number of robot axis
  2. 6
  3. Payload of the robot, kg
  4. 2,5
  5. Repeatability of the robot, mm
  6. ±0,1
  7. Motion speed of the torch, max, mm/s
  8. 500
  9. Memory of control device, KB
  10. 24
  11. Information keeping
  12. RAM, FDS
  13. Number of in/out of the system
  14. 32/32
  15. Diameter of steel welding wire, mm
  16. 1.2, 1.6
  17. Payload of the rotator, kg
  18. 120
  19. Repeatability of the rotator, mm
  20. ±0,15
  21. Overall dimensions of the RTS, mm
  22. 5000x4000x
    UDS751 peculiarities:
  1. Arrangement of the system is similar to UDS749 and supposes an alternating service two working operator places (two rotators of product).
  2. Combining the operations of loading-unloading the products is realized on RTS on one position with their welding on another.
  3. In each positions, i.e. on each rotator, installed up to 16 products of type A (8 - type B).
  4. Welding cycle time on each positions - 10 minutes for the type A and 7 min. for B type.
    Launching: In September 2001 on VPO "Tochmash" in Vladimir, Russia.