A machine AS305-2 for automatic MIG/MAG simultaneous welding of two circular seams.
    AS305-2 intends for automatic MIG/MAG simultaneous welding of two circular seams of rotatable joints from low-alloyed steels by the diameter 100-500 mm, particularity, welding of a sidewall, upper and under cover plates of fire-extinguisher, boiler etc.
    AS305-2 consists of:
  1. Frame;
  2. Rotator of detail;
  3. Dummy stock with mechanism of products fixing;
  4. Mechanism of products supporting;
  5. Mechanisms of the torches raising with a manual corrector of they position;
  6. Control block;
  7. Two sets of welding equipment;
  8. Set of removable assembly fixtures;
  9. Operating console;
  10. Pneumoapparatus.
The outlook of the bench AS305-2.

Download a photo of the welded product, 34 KB.

    Technical dates:
Regulating range of welding voltage, V
15.5 ... 32.5
Regulating range of welding current, A
Motion speed of the platen, rpm
0,2 ... 2
Payload of the rotator, kg
Protective gas
(Ar + CO2)
Diameter of steel welding wire, mm
1.0, 1.2
Mechanisms drive of products fixing, products support and torch raising
Air pressure, MPa, not less
Overall dimensions of the machine cell, mm
3000 x 2500 x 2500
    AS305-2 peculiarities:
  1. Programmed control of all mechanisms and devices of the machine, as well as diagnostics of their condition, is realized by the Schneider Electric controller.
    Base program ensures: moving the torch in the welding start position, starting of the arc, delay of moving the torch for shaping a puddle, rotating the platen with necessary speed, crater welding, raising the torches and returning the platen on march speed in the source position.
    During the work of machines controls: the position of the torches, pressure of air in pneumosystem, actuation of pneumatic drives etc.
  2. Continuous adjustment of welding parameters;
  3. A rapid changeover of machine for welding of various sizes of detailed;
  4. This machine, together with machines AS308 and AS305-1, forms a SET for MIG/MAG welding of different types of fire-extinguishers balloons.
  1. 16 machines in 2004-2010 on different plants of Ukraine and Russia.