A machine AS307 for automatic MIG/MAG welding of circular seam of tube-to-tube sheet (tube plate).

    AS307 intends for automatic MIG/MAG welding of tubes with diameters 25-100 mm to a horizontal tube plate with the thickness 4-12 mm.
    AS310 consists of:
  1. Flat;
  2. Column;
  3. Pneumoapparatus;
  4. Assembly fixture;
  5. Welded detail;
  6. Centralizer of the torch head;
  7. Spool with wire;
  8. Mechanism of the torch rotation;
  9. Mechanism of the torch head raising;
  10. Manual corrector;
  11. Operating console;
  12. Wire feeder;
  13. Torch;
  14. Two-joint arm;
  15. Brakes;
  16. Control system;
  17. Power source.
The outlook of the AS307.

Download the photos of AS307. 100 Kb.

    Technical dates:
Diameter of welded tubes, mm
25 ... 100(200)
State of the welding
Service aria, mm
~1000 x 2000
Horizontal moving drive
Up-down moving drive
Fixing the head over the tube plate
Welding current, A, up to
Protective gas
(Ar + CO2)
Diameter of steel welding wire, mm
0.8, 1.0, 1.2
Air pressure, MPa, not less
    AS307 peculiarities:
  1. Exact direction of the end of welding wire on the joining line due to rotating around axis the whole tract of wire feeder, including spool, directional channel, mechanism of feeding and torch.
  2. The minimum effort that putting a welder to move the torch head from the joint to joint.
  3. Continuous adjustment of welding parameters;
  4. Quick machite readjustment to the welding of some sizes of tubes;
  5. Programmed control all mechanisms and devices of the machine, as well as diagnostics of their condition, is realized by the Schneider Electric controller.
    Base program ensures: moving the torch in the welding start position, starting of the arc, delay of moving the torch for shaping a puddle, rotating the torch head with necessary speed, crater welding, raising the torch and returning it on march speed in the source position.
    During the work of machines controls: the position of the torch, pressure of air in pneumosystem, actuation of pneumatic drives etc.
  6. High reliability of machine component elements.
  7. Low cost in the comparison with similar machines appointment of companies CLOOS, Fronius etc.
    Launching: 12 machines in 2003-2007 on different plants of Ukraine.