A bench AS308 for MIG/MAG welding longitudinal seams of thin-walled tubes.

    AS308 intends for automatic MIG/MAG welding of longitudinal joints of thin-walled tubes from low-alloyed steels up to 1000 mm long, diameter - 100-600 mm, thickness of metal - 1.4...3.0 mm.
    AS308 consists of:
  1. Frame;
  2. Mechanism of longitudinal moving of the torch;
  3. "Key row" mechanism of fixation of welding edges (pneumatic drive);
  4. Mechanisms of torch raising with a manual corrector of its position;
  5. Mechanisms of frame raising for downward welding;
  6. Control block;
  7. Set of welding equipment;
  8. Operator console;
  9. Cooling system;
  10. Pneumoapparatus.
The outlook of the bench AS308.

Download a photo of the welded product, 34 KB.

    Technical dates:
Regulating range of welding voltage, V
15.5 ... 32.5
Regulating range of welding current, A
Regulating range of welding speed, mm/s
Protective gas
(Ar + CO2)
Diameter of steel welding wire, mm
1.0, 1.2
Rated value of the torch path deflection, mm, at most
Mechanisms drive of products edge-fixing and torch raising
Clamps amount at 1000 mm tube length, pc
6 x 2
Air pressure, MPa, not less
Cooling of the copper backing
Overall dimensions of the bench cell, mm
3000 x 2000 x 2500
    AS308 peculiarities:
  1. Programmed control all mechanisms and devices of the machine, as well as diagnostics of their condition, is realized by the Schneider Electric controller.
    Base program ensures: moving the torch in the welding start position, starting of the arc, delay of moving the torch for shaping a puddle, moving the torch with necessary speed, crater welding, raising of the torch and returning it on march speed in the source position.
    During the working of the machine controls: the position of the torch, pressure of air in pneumosystem, actuation of pneumatic drives.
  2. It has possibility to preset two and more modes of welding by means of the task board modes for the quick machine readjustment to the welding tubes of different thickness;
  3. Continuous adjustment of welding parameters;
  4. Quick machine readjustment to the welding tubes of different length;
  5. AS308 is engineered in exchange of AS304 and together with machines AS305-1 and AS305-2, forms a SET for the MIG/MAG welding of different types of fire-extinguishers balloons.
    Whereas, together with AS310 it forms a set for welding of boilers and products like that.
  6. This bench is an analogue of welding benches AS303-2 for TIG welding without filler wire longitudinal joints of thin-walled tubes from low-alloyed and stainless steels and AS304 for MIG/MAG welding of sidewalls from low-carbon steels;.
  1. 10 machines in 2004-2015 on different plants of Ukraine and Russia.