A machine AS316 for simultaneous TIG welding of two circular seams.

    AS316 intends for simultaneous automatic TIG welding of two circular seams of radiators.

    Consist of:
  1. Control system;
  2. Operating console;
  3. Two sets of the welding equipment;
  4. Torch;
  5. Cooling system;
  6. Manual correctors of the torches;
  7. Mechanisms of the torch rotating;
  8. Mechanisms of the torch head raising;
  9. Turntable;
  10. Assembly fixtures;
  11. Frame;
  12. Pneumoapparatus etc.
The outlook of the AS316

Download the photos. 100 KB.

    Technical dates:
Diameter of welded seams, mm
16 ... 100
State of the welding
Up-down moving drives
Welding current, A
8 ... 160
Protective gas
Cooling of the torches
Air pressure, MPa, not less
    Launching: in 2005 on "Gidroprom", Odessa, Ukraine.