A line of machines AS337-AS338 (cells) for welding of small part detailes.


  1. The machines intend for automatic MIG/MAG welding of small part details from low-alloyed steels.

  2. Machines of this product line are produce welding of longitudinal and one or two circular seams as well.

  3. Each machine is a completed cell with walls and a sliding door that protect staff from detrimental effects of welding arc and foul gases.

  4. An exhaust ventilation assembles on the top of the cell.

    Machines consist of:
  1. Cell;
  2. Control system;
  3. Operating console;
  4. Protective shield;
  5. Assembly adjustment;
  6. Mechanism of torch raising with a manual corrector of its position;
  7. Mechanism of longitudinal moving of the torch;
  8. Rotator;
  9. Fast-acting fixer of detail;
  10. Set(s) of welding equipment;
  11. Cooling system(s);
  12. Pneumoapparatus.

    Each machine provides:
  1. Programmed control over all mechanisms and devices of the machine, as well as diagnostics of their condition, is realized by a controller.
  2. Base program ensures: moving the torch in the welding start position, starting of the arc, delay of moving the torch for shaping a puddle, moving the torch with work speed, crater welding, raising of the burner and returning it on march speed in the source position.
  3. Continuous adjustment of welding parameters.

  1. In 2007 three machines in Russia.