A four-head machine AS340 for automatic MIG/MAG welding of car wheels (circular seams).

    AS340 intends for automatic MIG/MAG welding of intermittent circular seams of joint a rim with a disk of the car wheels by the diameter 13-16 inches.
    Two machines are mounted on one frame.
    Each machine provides rotation of a wheel relative to four stationary torches for welding four seams with a length up to 120 mm or eight seams with a length up to 40 mm.
    There are three modes of the machine: manual for control of all devices; automatic with manual loading-unloading of wheels and automatic with loading of wheels by a conveyor.

    AS340 consists of:
  1. metalware;
  2. control system;
  3. operator console;
  4. rotator;
  5. set of removable assembly fixtures;
  6. mechanism of the rotator raising;
  7. four mechanical control systems for torches;
  8. safety screen;
  9. pneumoapparatus;
  10. four sets of welding equipment.

  1. System controls a rotator, a mechanism of raising, four mechanical control systems for torches and for kits of welding equipment.
  2. An assignment of coordinate of beginning and ending of seams, weld parameters and manual control under all devices provides by a remote panel.
  3. There is a library of setting on 20 types of wheels.

  1. Two machines in 2008 at "Wheel plant", Kremenchug, Ukraine.