A two-position machine AS345 (cells) for welding of small part detailes (exhausting pipes of cars).


  1. The machine for automatic MIG/MAG welding with different orientation in area of circular seams of rotatable joints with diameters 50-300 mm and length 50-300 mm, particularity, exhausting pipes of cars.

  2. The machine is a completed double-cell with walls and a sliding door that protect staff from detrimental effects of welding arc and foul gases.

  3. An exhausting ventilation assembles on the top of the cell.
    AS345 consists of:
  1. Double-cell;
  2. Control system;
  3. Operating console;
  4. Protective shield;
  5. Set of assembly adjustments;
  6. Two mechanisms of torch raising with a manual correctors of its position;
  7. Two rotators;
  8. Two sets of welding equipment;
  9. Pneumoapparatus.

    AS345 provides:
  1. Programmed control over all mechanisms and devices of the machine, as well as diagnostics of their condition, is realized by a controller.
  2. Base program ensures: moving the torch in the welding start position, starting of the arc, delay of moving the torch for shaping a puddle, moving the torch with work speed, crater welding, raising of the torch and returning it on march speed in the source position.
  3. Continuous adjustment of welding parameters.