A machine AS355s for MIG/MAG welding of valves, DN 150-300 mm.

    AS355s intends for automatic multipass MIG/MAG welding of circular seams of rotatable joints of detailes sach as ball valves with DN 150-300 μμ.

    AS355s consists of:
  1. frame;
  2. control cabin;
  3. operating console;
  4. rotator;
  5. mechanism for setting of the product;
  6. detail-lock mechanism;
  7. mechanism for moving the torch;
  8. oscillator of the torch;
  9. temperature sensors;
  10. cooling system of the detail;
  11. two sets of the welding equipment;
  12. pneumoapparatus.

    Technical dates:
Supply voltage, V
Total power, kW
Payload of the rotator, kg
Maximum input welding current, A
Range of faceplate speed, rev/min
0.2 – 2.2
Diametr of seam, mm
90 – 600
the wall thickness of products, mm
5 – 40
Electrical and pneumatic
Overall dimensions, mm
(length, width, height)

    AS355s provides:
  1. programmed control of all mechanisms and devices of the machine by a controller;
  2. manual shifting of the torch for multipass welding;
  3. remote monitoring of temperature in heat affected zone;
  4. welding with or without torch weaving.

  1. One machine in 2010 at factory "Yargazarmatura", Tchaikovsky, Russian.