A machine AS349-B for multipass MIG/MAG welding of circular seams.

    AS349-B intends for automatic multipass MIG/MAG welding of circular seams of rotatable joints with horizontal or inclined up to 900 axis of rotation from low-alloyed steels with a diameter 50-300 mm, length - 50-500 mm. It was desined for welding of hydraulic cylinders. AS349-B

    AS349-B consists of: Control unit
  1. frame;
  2. safaty fance;
  3. movable shield (pneumatic drive);
  4. control cabin;
  5. operating console;
  6. rotator;
  7. assembly fixture;
  8. sloping console;
  9. mechanisms of the torch moving (2 axis);
  10. set of welding equipment.

    AS349-B provides:
  1. fast (pneumatic drive) fixation of the product in the assembly fixture;
  2. programmed control of all mechanisms and devices of the machine with a remote console;
  3. setting the coordinates of the beginning and end of the welding process by "point to point" method;
  4. a rapid changeover of machine for welding of various sizes of detailed;
  5. single-pass and multi-pass (up to 16 passes) welding of circular seams;
  6. welding with or without weaving of the torch;
  7. welding in a comfortable position to form a seam;
  8. protection the operator from arc radiation by the using of the movable shield.

    Technical dates:
Supply voltage, V
Total power, kW
The diameter of the circular seam, mm
50 500
Maximum input welding current, A
Range of faceplate speed, rev/min
0.2 4
Payload of the rotator, kg
The drive mechanism for fixing the product and moving the shield
The tilt of the console
By hand in a fixed position
The drive mechanism for moving the torch
  1. One machine in 2010 at BelAZ, Zhodino, Minsk region, Belarus.