A machine UDS710 for welding connections of the railway switches

    UDS710 intends for MIG/MAG welding connections like a "leg" and "bearing" of the railway switches P50 and P65. Joining is realized by single internal circular seam of 26 mm in diameter with the leg about 6...7 mm.
    The outlook of the machineUDS710. UDS710 consists of:
  1. Two-position rotary table (manual turn, pneumoholder);
  2. Set of welding equipment;
  3. Mechanisms of torch rotating and raising;
  4. Control block;
  5. Control board etc.
    UDS710 peculiarities:
  1. In one table position is executed manual loading and unloading the details, whereas in two other simultaneously occur welding of circular seam;
  2. Welding is realized by wire D=1,2...1,6 mm on 280...320 A currents;
  3. Programmed control all mechanisms and devices of the set, as well as diagnostics of their condition, is realized by the controller;
  4. Machine productivity is 1 detail per 50 s.
  1. 2 sets in 2000 on DSZ, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.