A machine AS364 for multipass MIG/MAG welding of detailes of railroad points with length up to 1500 mm.

    AS364 intends for multipass MIG/MAG welding of detailes of railroad points.
    A length of seam - up to 1500 mm.
    Welding - multipass with alternately performing root, filling and facing seams.
    Programmable layout of seams.
    Canting the product in a comfortable position for welding.
    The welding of filling and facing seams are with torch weaving.

    AS364 consists of:
  1. frame;
  2. rotator;
  3. tailstock;
  4. fixers of detailes;
  5. mechanism of longitudinal moving of the torch (3 axises);
  6. set of welding equipment;
  7. control system;
  8. operator console;
  9. pneumoapparatus etc.
  10. Downloud photos of seams. 400 KB.

    Technical dates:
Drives of all mechanisms
Payload of rotator, kg
Maximum torque, Nm
The angle of rotation of the faceplate, deg.
+/- 360
The rotational speed of the faceplate, rev/min
0,1 ... 10
Maximum input welding current, A
Moving of the torch, mm
- X - along the seam
- Y - across the seam
- Z - by height

Positioning accuracy of the torch, mm
+/- 0.1
Overall dimensions, mm
4500 x 2000 x 2000

    A machine can be equipped with a device than logging of welding.

  1. in 2012, Novosibirsk Switch Plant, Russia.
  2. in 2013, Prommashkomplekt, Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan.
  3. in 2014, Murom Switch Plant, Russia.