A universal machine AS399 for TIG welding of circular seams.

    AS399 intends for automatic TIG welding of circular seams with horizontal or inclined to the 900 axis of rotation of pipe connections with diameter 30 ... 160 mm, length up to 400 mm, thickness 0.8 ... 2.0 mm.
    Welding can be performed without or with wire feeding.

    AS399 consist of:
  1. frame;
  2. quick reorientation of the torch;
  3. rotator;
  4. torch feed mechanism;
  5. set of removable assembly fixtures;
  6. set of welding equipment;
  7. control system;
  8. operator console;
  9. pneumoapparatus.
  10. cold wire feeder UP4.

  1. One machine in 2015 at factory "Elektrus", Samara, Russia.