A machine UDS711 for automatic MIG/MAG welding of car wheels.

    UDS711 intends for automatic MIG/MAG welding of intermittent circular seams of joint a rim with a disk of the car wheels by the diameter 13-16 inches.
    Welding is realized copper-plated wire, 1.0 mm in diameter, in ternary gas mixture Ar+CO2+O2.
    UDS711 consists of:
  1. Set of welding equipment:
    1. power source;
    2. wire feeder;
    3. welding torch;
    4. cooling system;
  2. Rotator;
  3. Set of removable assembly fixtures;
  4. Mechanisms of the torch raising with a manual corrector of its position;
  5. Control board;
  6. Cooling system;
  7. Pneumoapparatus.
The outlook of UDS711.
    Technical dates:
Welding current under ED 60%, A
Diameter of steel welding wire, mm
0.8, 1.0, 1.2
Payload of the rotator, kg
Rotational moment, Nm, max
Weldments diameter, mm
250 ... 400
Motion speed of the platen, rpm
0.3 ... 5.0
Air pressure, MPa, not less
0.3 ... 0.6
Overall dimensions of the machine, mm
3500 x 2000 x 2000
    UDS711 peculiarities:
  1. Programmed control all mechanisms and devices of the set, as well as diagnostics of their condition, is realized by the controller.
  2. It has possibility to preset up to four modes of welding.
  3. In UDS711 is reached high precision pointing of small diameter electrode on welding joining line.
  4. The installation allows to weld either closed loop joint or separate sectors (up to 15) with adjusting of they length and distance between them.
  5. Unification and modularity of separate set elements allows to design on their base particularized equipment, oriented on other tasks of arc welding.
    Launching: Twenty machines in 2001 - 2008 on the Kremenchug wheel plant, Ukraine.